These Loving Hands

I am a Mom, caretaker, school bus driver, designer and hooker (crochet hooks that is).  I have been crocheting forever and designing my own patterns for the last20 years.  I love B-movies and the great outdoors.  I crochet what I love.  My creatures serve no purpose other than to bring a smile to your face.

I create and sell crocheted amigurumi creatures and fan art plushies.  All are cute, but some are a little twisted.  I design all my own patterns, but the ideas for them sometimes come from others.  One of my first orriginal patterns I published came to be when someone asked if I could create a Cthulhu meets Hello Kitty Plush.  For Christmas one year my son asked me to make a roadkilled skunk.  Sometimes it is the color or texture of a yarn that inspires me.  Orange and yellow fun fur plus grey/black bumpy textured yarn equals a volcano with a happy little face.  Mostly I crochet what I like and hope others like them too.

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