Zap the Stingray - amigurumi plush

$ 3.50 CAD

Here is the pattern for ZAP the Stingray.
Crocheted with worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm (E/4) hook, Zap
will measure approx 13cm long and 13 cm wide (5x5 inches)

Pattern is written out in standard form and includes a visual pattern for the wings to assist with stitch placement.

Itty-bitty Batty - amigurumi plush

$ 3.50 CAD

Crochet this adorable guy for yourself. He won't bite, I promise.

With chunky yarn and a 4mm (G/6) crochet hook,a finished Batty is approx 10cm (4 inches) tall with 15cm (6 inch) wingspan

Sparky the Campfire - amigurumi plush

$ 5.00 CAD

Crochet your own little campfire to build and enjoy anytime, anywhere.  Pit, logs, flames are all separate pieces you can build over and over again.  Pattern for a marshmallow on a stick is also included.

With worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm (E/4) crochet hook, Sparky is approx 11.5 cm (4 1/2 inches) tall

Soft Handuffs

$ 4.00 CAD

The perfect accessory for your little policeman, or some grown-up fun.

These handcuffs are crocheted with acrylic yarns and a 3.5mm (E/4) hook. They are all one piece and contain no hard parts.

Pattern includes instructions for small, medium and large sizes 6.5, 9, 11.5 cm (2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 inch) handspan
Also included are instructions for furry cuffs in the same 3 sizes.


Cthulhu amigurumi - crochet pattern

$ 4.00 CAD

Crochet yourself this "fearsome" depiction of one of the Great Old Ones.

Crocheted with chunky yarn and a 4mm (G/6) crochet hook, finished size is approx 14 cm (5 1/2 inches) tall.

This pattern is written in standard terms and includes a visual pattern for the wings.


Penny the Pylon - amigurumi pattern

$ 3.50 CAD

Do you have a disaster area at home that should be marked? Perhaps your desk at work? Penny will keep an eye on these spots for you and warn others to look out.

With worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm (E/4) crochet hook, Penny is   13 cm (5 inches) tall.

Rubber Chicken - amigurumi pattern

$ 4.00 CAD

Crochet your very own cuddly rubber chicken to use in your next stand-up routine.

With worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm (E/4) crochet hook, finished chicken will measure approx 20cm (8 inche from beak to toes.


Happy the Clam - amigurumi shellfish

$ 3.50 CAD

She's Happy as a clam. Crocheted with sock weight acrylic yarn and a 2.5mm hook, she measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter. Shell and Clam are 2 separate pieces.


Pattern will be emailed to you in PDF format within 48hrs upon receipt of payment. Please make sure to include the destination email address with your payment.

Please note these patterns are my original creation and are for personal use only. By purchasing these items you understand that you may not reproduce the pattern or the item produced from the pattern in anyway for resale. 

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